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Safeguarding your legacy beyond borders

Established in 2000, Southpac Trust Nevis provides comprehensive estate planning and asset protection solutions designed to safeguard your wealth.

For over 40 years, we have been at the forefront of the offshore trust industry, helping our clients protect and grow their wealth.


Nevis is particularly renowned for its company products and is a world leader in that field.

Trusts are also highly attractive with Nevis trust legislation being closely modelled on that of the Cook Islands, and creditor bonds deterring frivolous litigation. Nevis offers a suite of protective products which are an essential part of any offshore asset protection structure.

We offer International Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, Nevis Business Corporations and Multiform Foundations in Nevis. We can also offer trust protector services, corporate managers and directors for companies, and corporate management/supervisory board members and secretaries for foundations.

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    ArticlesAsset ProtectionLegal & Compliance
    January 25, 2024

    The Impact of Trust Protectors and the Powers They Hold

    With the offshore industry gaining heightened popularity among affluent individuals, there is a growing unease among Settlors about Trustees wielding control over substantial sums within an irrevocable trust. To address…
    ArticlesAsset ProtectionLegal & Compliance
    January 25, 2024

    Asset Protection for Physicians

    Medical Practice – What is there to worry about? What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about medical practice risks and liabilities? I’d bet the farm…
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    December 18, 2023

    A Beginner’s Guide To Asset Protection

    In the dynamic landscape of asset protection, the choice of the right offshore entity is a pivotal decision. Various jurisdictions offer a spectrum of entities, such as trusts, companies, and…
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    December 18, 2023

    2024 Outlook: Has The Fed Achieved A Soft Landing

    In the title of our 2023 outlook, we posed the question “Will the Fed pivot?” (see here). It may have taken 11 and a half months, but the first meaningful…
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